We gather weekly on Sundays at 9.30am for our worship services and to celebrate our faith in a variety of ways.

We join in Holy Communion at least once a month.

Most of our worship is traditional with regular innovative features such as drama, participation, audio-visual elements, etc. During school terms, we offer special activities for children while the sermon is given.

The music played during each service ranges from traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs, and our lay worship teams and ministers regularly make valuable contributions to worship in the church.


The Uniting Church SA seeks to be an innovative, growing church proclaiming Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit to transform God’s world. Read More.

The Uniting Church is a young church – formed on 22 June 1977, when the Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches united to become one. The Basis of Union is the document which affirms our Christian faith and is the guide to what is central to the life of the Uniting Church in Australia. Read the Basis of Union here.


We see ourselves as outward focused, more attentive to being known for what we do than for what we believe. We see ourselves as part of the community rather than distinct from it.

We are a robust group of people, responsive to a contemporary theology. There is a great and compassionate heart to our congregation that ensures those who need care and love receive it and that our prayers for others are matched by quiet and practical commitment to care-giving.


Modbury Uniting Church started its life as a Wesleyan Methodist Church in the 1860s. Prior to this time, faithful locals met in private homes and community spaces until the establishment of the stone chapel building, the foundation for which was laid in 1863.

In the many years since, the Modbury congregation has established many different new buildings, gone through periods of growth and decline, launched different community initiatives, and formed relationships with various church communities in the area. Throughout the journey they have been committed to dynamism over stability, truly living as “a pilgrim people, always on the way to a promised end” (Basis of Union, Uniting Church in Australia).

Today, the church meets at a renovated building on Montague Road in Modbury North. The current congregation is made up of people who have been dedicated to the church for many years and members who are new to the community.

Don Sinnott has compiled a thorough history of the Modbury congregation from 1840 to 2011. To find out more, please contact Don via email at


Rev Lyn Leane
Phone: 0421 130 788